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Edwin Urbina, draft in progress, December 2006.


The world grid serves the purpose of locating a geographic point anywhere in the planet. This same grid can be utilized for many other purposes in the near future. I see a point in history where physical items such as medicine, food or other small goods could be transported immediately to any part of the globe. Problems such as hunger could be solved by lets say a person in Los Angeles willing to donate a lunch to a person in Africa. This will be done just by punching a few numbers in a sort of virtual mail box at a given transport station in a given coordinate and then attaching a magnetic aerodynamic box with the food to a magnetic belt or highway. This magnetic box will find its way to the recipient in Africa the way an e-mail finds its way to the intended user in the Internet in our time (2006). The magnetic belts could be created with an array of satellites that will regenerate the strengh of the belt in giving intervals of space.The first attempt should be made by creating an intercontinental point A to point B connection to determine the viability of the project.

I conceive a grid of transportation across the globe where magnetism is used to move things around. To start, many sending and receiving stations could be created where people willing to use it will have an account that will allow them to be part of the transportation grid. New air transportation rules will have to be established.

I foresee this system of transportation as a service to transport low weigh items at the beginning, and once the technology is improved more weight could be transported.

will continue..